Tech Profile: Shawn Anen

Shawn Anen, 28, is a top producing real estate agent based in Wayne, New Jersey. He’s a member of the 2009 “30 Under 30″ class featured in Realtor Magazine, and he’s sold over $60,000,000 in real estate. Here are his thoughts on technology as it applies to real estate:


Phone: Blackberry Tour

Computer: Office: Dell Inspiron 531s, AMD Desktop Home: Custom Build, Intel Quad Core

Website/ IDX Provider: Top Producer

Prospecting/ Contact Management: Top Producer

Overall, where does technology fit in for you: does it play a supporting role or is it a major part of your business?

I think it’s a major part of my strategy.  Being able to access the internet from my phone, I can get leads or internet leads right on my phone.  It’s all about how fast you can get back to somebody.  If someone contacts me about a listing, I can email them information about that listing right from my phone.

What are your thoughts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc?

I don’t currently use Twitter, but I’m not opposed to it. I don’t know too many other people using Twitter, most people that I know are on Facebook.  Right now after I add a listing, I post a link to the MLS listing on Facebook. However, has just developed an app that posts your listings on your wall automatically.

Do you currently blog? What are your thoughts on blogging?

I don’t currently blog, but it’s worth considering.

Do you change your tech use to fit different clients, for example texting, etc, or do find everyone’s comfortable with the same level?

Absolutely I have to adapt to everybody. I’ve had deals where I’ve barely even talked to the clients, it’s all through texting/ email.  Texting takes the emotion out of things, which can sometimes be a negative. I’ve closed deals through text.  But there are times I’m working with older people, who are more “old school”, still looking at the newspaper for listings. Some can’t even turn a computer on. It’s still a very high touch business.

How do you generate most of your business?

A lot of my business is referral based.  Believe it or not, my secretary actually cuts out For Sale By Owner (FSBO) ads and I follow up with them personally. You still have to have that old school foundation, you have to make those calls, you have to be out there, you have to show your face, you have to brand yourself within the community.

Technology Wishlist

One product I’d like to see is a transaction forum.  I’ve actually considered creating this on my own.  A forum for each transaction, where anybody involved in the transaction can have access: attorneys, inspectors, agents, etc.