Tech Profile: Shawn Anen

Shawn Anen, 28, is a top producing real estate agent based in Wayne, New Jersey. He’s a member of the 2009 “30 Under 30″ class featured in Realtor Magazine, and he’s sold over $60,000,000 in real estate. Here are his thoughts on technology as it applies to real estate:

What’s Your Real Estate “Technology Age”?

We often talk about the latest and greatest real estate technology tools, but rarely about where our social sphere, buyers, sellers, prospects are at in terms of technology. My sense is that a lot of where they’re at is based on their age.

Online Real Estate Disclosure Storage

How do you provide real estate disclosures to buyers and their agents? For some, they can be uploaded to the MLS for agents to download. But there are many people still printing out mountains of thick paper stacks. I wanted an easier way for those who don’t have the MLS option (for example when buyers at an open house request them), so I created Full Disclosure as a side project.

Two Solid Real Estate Statistics Providers for Your Website

You already know that fresh content and useful data are two of the keys to a successful real estate website. Luckily, a new breed of online companies has popped up to help provide you with the charts and data your visitors want, updated automatically.

Short Sale Training #1: The Basics

How do you spot a short sale expert? By how badly they reflexively cringe every time you mention the words “short sale”. If you’re new, here’s the first in a series of short sales training tutorials.

How To Use Google Voice For Real Estate

Google Voice gives you one main phone number that rings all your phones, saves your voicemail online, and transcribes your voicemail to text. Basically, it makes your voicemail as easy to check and track as your email. It also has a few other cool features, such as spying on messages while they’re being left, and the ability to easily make cheap international calls.

Top Five Free NAR Right Tools, Right Now

If you’re like many Realtors, your interaction with the NAR mothership probably consists of you sending them money, and them sending you political alerts. But lately the National Association of Realtors has really stepped up to help strapped real estate agents by offering many useful NAR tools for free.

How To Track Real Estate Website Stats With Google Analytics

If you’re not tracking and measure your real estate website’s traffic, then you’re not really able to improve the quality or quantity of visitors coming to your site. Like so many things, the 80/20 rule applies: It’s likely that 20% of your efforts are creating 80% of your traffic. So how do you figure out […]

Top Ten Online Real Estate Tools

It’s that time again… time for another top ten list! Here are ten real estate tools I can’t live without, based mostly off their incredible usefullness (and also sheer awesomeness as in the case with Animoto). In no particular order, the top ten are…

Is The Apple iPad a Real Estate Must Have?

Yesterday Apple released their long awaited iPad, and I’ll admit that my response time that morning was noticeably slower as I read every update. Now that it’s out, the question arises: is this a nice to have or a must have for the active real estate agent?

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