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New Feature: My Move Sites For Your Buyer Clients

Generate More Referrals By Giving Buyers Their Own Site! If you’re a buyer’s agent, then you know that the best time to get referrals is DURING the transaction. But how do you do it?  We’ve created the perfect solution: a customizable website for each of your buyers where they can share information about their new […]

Sample Realtor Blog Post – Just Copy and Paste!

We’ve tried to make using My Single Property Websites to market your real estate listings as easy as possible. Now, we’re focused on creating a suite of resources to make your personal marketing as easy as possible. The first resource was our free customizable real estate listing presentation. Now, we’re excited to add our second […]

Loan Officer & Realtor Joint Marketing Program Presentation

Lately we’ve been hard at work developing our Joint Marketing Program for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents. Loan Officers can sign up for a Sponsor Account, which lets them work with an unlimited number of real estate agents, and they can create an unlimited number of property sites.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing

If you’re a real estate agent, the reason for wanting to focus on luxury real estate is straightforward: higher sales prices bring higher commissions. But how to go about it? The rich, as they say, are different, and to reach them you’ll need a different marketing approach.

Which Real Estate Email Newsletter Is The Best?

Just about every real estate agent out there could benefit from sending a regular monthly email newsletter. But how do they stack up, and which one is the best?

Virtual Tour Software: How To Make Floorplans

Floorplans are incredibly useful to add to your virtual tour, but most of the floor plan software is expensive and difficult to use.  So far, the best I have found is the Floor Planner for real estate floorplans.  They offer agents a free personal account which lets you create one floor plan for free.  If […]

Property Marketing Tips: Writing Great Descriptions

Property Marketing Tips: Writing Great Descriptions When I first started my career, I prided myself on writing dramatic property descriptions so full of hot air they could nearly float.  I thought I was doing my job – and representing the best interests of my seller.  Only after watching countless eyes roll after reading my descriptions […]