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4 Must Have Tools for the Modern Realtor

As a modern real estate agent, you need to respond quickly be able to work anywhere, and your tools must meet the same high bar.  Below are 5 tools I’ve personally used and found indispensable in my real estate practice: Realtor Tool #1: The iPhone For those who already have one, it’s no surprise that […]

What Do Home Buyers Want?

Most buyers want the same thing in a Realtor: someone they can trusts who understands them and what they’re looking for. Along with these desires, of course, your local real estate knowledge also tops the list in terms of importance. But without that understanding and trust, all the knowledge in the world won’t help you […]

Property Marketing Tips: Writing Great Descriptions

Property Marketing Tips: Writing Great Descriptions When I first started my career, I prided myself on writing dramatic property descriptions so full of hot air they could nearly float.  I thought I was doing my job – and representing the best interests of my seller.  Only after watching countless eyes roll after reading my descriptions […]

What Do Home Sellers Want?

A re-review of some of the basics of what sellers are looking for, as gleaned from past NAR Profiles of Sellers.

2 Easy Ways To Get Twice The Leads

Two simple ideas you can implement immediately to improve the conversion rate on your real estate website.

3 Easy Report Ideas For Your Real Estate Blog

Creating your own real estate report is a great way to establish authority and add a little visual flair to your blog. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Understand Your Visitors With Heatmaps

If you’re using a statistics tracking tool like Google Analytics, then you already know that knowledge is power when it comes to understanding your website visitors. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to pull useful info out of all the data thrown out you. Enter Crazyegg.

No More Flyers: Use Real Estate Text Messaging Instead

Still driving around town filling your flyer boxes? So were my brother and I up until a few months ago. Then we discovered real estate text marketing for our listings instead… no more stuffing flyer boxes!

What’s Your Real Estate “Technology Age”?

We often talk about the latest and greatest real estate technology tools, but rarely about where our social sphere, buyers, sellers, prospects are at in terms of technology. My sense is that a lot of where they’re at is based on their age.

Online Real Estate Disclosure Storage

How do you provide real estate disclosures to buyers and their agents? For some, they can be uploaded to the MLS for agents to download. But there are many people still printing out mountains of thick paper stacks. I wanted an easier way for those who don’t have the MLS option (for example when buyers at an open house request them), so I created Full Disclosure as a side project.

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